2018 Summer at Veeva

For summer after my junior year, I had the opportunity to work at Veeva Systems in Pleasanton! I mainly focused on enhancing their software cloud services tailored towards biopharmaceutical companies that facilitate the drug development process.

2015 Summer at Stanford

The summer before my freshman year, I interned at the Sidow Lab at Stanford University. I had the opportunity to work on genomic and cancer research using modern laboratory technology like next-generation high-throughput sequencing!

2016 Summer at UC Berkeley

The summer after my freshman year, I interned at the Rio Lab at University of California, Berkeley. During my time there, I got to learn and used various molecular laboratory techniques such as in vivo Excision Assays, transfections, cell transformations, and more! All this was to explore the ability of the THAP9 gene of different species (human, fruit fly, zebrafish) to mobilize the fruit fly P-element DNA sequence.