2018 Summer at Veeva Systems

Pleasanton, CA
For the summer after my junior year, I had the opportunity to intern at Veeva Systems in Pleasanton! Veeva provides cloud software tailored for all the needs and quirks of the life sciences industry. I got to work on a full-stack feature to create a "Version Controller" that lets a user navigate and explore the setup of all versions of a workflow. This feature addressed a common source of confusion for customers and reduced production costs by ~15%.


Documents are numerous and important in the healthcare industry - from keeping track of clinical trials to promotional material and these documents need to follow numerous, stringent compliance rules. To streamline this complexity, we want to organize and formalize the process of various events like: sending notifications, assigning tasks for people to complete, finalizing document drafts, etc., and we do so by grouping these events into "workflows". For example, a biopharmaceutical company might want to create a workflow on a promotional document to get certain people to verify that the document makes accurate claims about a drug.


Before the Version Controller, whenever someone wanted to examine the setup of a workflow, they would only see the latest version of a workflow, which could be different from the workflow version running on the document. So clearly, this doesn't always help the user see how the running workflow is setup. This mismatch in workflow versions is actually a major source of confusion for customers and this underlying 'workflow' logic runs across multiple applications on Veeva's 'Vault' platform (user: does this setup actually reflect what is running on my document? how do I know? Send help!).
For my team, around half of the production issues were related to document workflows. To resolve the issue, customers would need to contact Veeva employees who would need to go through the Java backend and query to the MySQL database to find the version of the workflow running on a document. And even then, it would be inconvenient to try viewing the setup of past workflow versions.

The Fix

Now, with the Version Controller, users can access an enhanced menu-widget option to navigate through the setup of all versions of a workflow. They can also see the version of a workflow a document is running against so that there is no version mismatch. All this information is extracted at runtime. This would let customers examine and resolve these document workflow related issues themselves and spare the process of contacting support altogether!

A lot of what I learned over the summer was working with JavaScript and UI in general, along with learning how to communicate effectively at different technical levels (talking to product managers vs. developers). The iterative process of discussing the plan for API changes and working towards the best customer user-experience was also something I delved into and learned about!

  • Pop-up Dialog that provides contextual information on workflows (version number, last modified, etc)
  • Navigation links to all workflow versions
  • Read-only view of past workflow versions setup (it would be bad if a user could bring back an old broken workflow version. Yikes!)

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